Inspired by Finger Lakes terroir

Sébastien and Céline Leseurre are a French husband and wife winemaking team living and working in the Finger Lakes.  When they first moved to New York, they explored the Finger Lakes by visiting and sampling grapes from the many different terroirs — geography, geology, and climate of a certain place — and soon determined this is the best place to grow beautiful grapes and craft fine wine together.

We unite our French heritage and new world wine experience to develop Finger Lakes wines which pair well with fine cuisine as well as casual fare. When people ask us what a good wine is, we love to say that it is the one you enjoy, so we hope that you will enjoy Domaine LeSeurre wines with your friends and family.

“Simply applying Old World techniques to a New World wine region usually doesn’t work. Instead, the LeSeurres seem to be embracing the style of fruit the Finger Lakes provides, while enhancing it with their own personal influences learned along the way. It’s a gentle melding of styles rather than a blanket approach. An this is a winery to watch.”
-James Molesworth, Wine Spectator (July 2016)